Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Spinosaurus free writing

Hi there my name is Carmen and I study dinosaurs in my own time I have put together a piece of writing about a spinosaurus.

90 million years ago there was the most fearsome dinosaur that ever walked the earth, its name was Spinosaurus. The estimated weight of one Spinosaurus was about 22-30 tons also the Spinosaurus had an 18 metre body. Spinosaurus is Scopeovarnator and Exeophagus. In the Jurassic time it was easier to hunt because of the many herbivores, unlike the Triassic or the Cretaceous. Also following the Spinosaurus's trail was the Tyrannosaurus rex and other giant predators such as giganotosaurus carcharodontosaurus Allosaurus and Majungasaurus. They all were living together in a world of life and death. Unfortunately for the littler dino’s they could only run from the vicious beast’s in the many jungles of doom. Food was scarce in the Winter and Autumn but in the Spring and Summer it was plentiful. Onchopristis was one of the fish that Spinosaurus preyed on. The Onchopristis itself weighed about one ton with a body 8 meters long and had lethal barbs on the end of it’s teeth that helped it hunt for smaller fish. As the breeding season came the spine on the dino's back is used to attract a mate. Also absorbing all the sun's warmth and using it for in the winter when its is frozen. The females are a light green and grey colour and males tend to have bright red, yellow, green, orange and black.